Saturday, July 19, 2008

Duquesne Incline

Today I have been on the duquesne incline . This is a vintage funicular going up Mount Washington in Pittsburgh. One ride is 2$, and a return trip is 4$ (I have read something else on some websites, therefore I want to get this straight).

This is the lower station, next to the river and close to downtown Pittsburgh.

Running the incline plane.

Touristy folks inside the car.

Here we go up (well, I am cheating, I have already arrived at the top when I took this picture!).

This is the view from from atop Mount Washington. The incline is run with electricity since 1932, but before that (since 1877) it used steam power. The motor driving both cars at the same time (always one up, and the other one down) has 75 hp. There is a 10 hp backup engine in case the main engine fails. Cars are pulled using steal cords (one acts as a backup).

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